Frequently Asked Questions

With years of history and new vacationers to the beach,  questions are sure to arise. While this list answers our most common questions, please feel free to contact us if we missed your question.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Times Are The Beach Open?

7 days a week , 8 am to 8pm

Where Is Porretto Beach Located?

Beach access is at 10th and Seawall. There is a large billboard pointing to the beach entrance. 

Is The Beach Family Friendly?

Yes! We have been hosting families on the beach for over 50 years! 

What Is A Good Vacation Rental Company On Galveston Island?

The top rates company to stay with is Ryson Vacation Rentals! They offer over 250 vacation homes and condos to choose from! 

What Should I Bring to Porretto Beach?

You can bring all of your beach gear, but we also offer rentals for chairs and umbrellas, we have food and drinks, and we have beach gear rentals like golf carts and boogie boards. 

Are Masks Required?

No!  We are an open air beach! 

Can I Drink On The Beach?


What Activities Are On Porretto Beach?

We will be adding activities through the year, and we will also have a beach bonfire area, rentals, volleyball, and more!